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ImagePart #Model #DescriptionUnit PriceQty
  06111-ZE3-405 GX390 Gasket Kit    
  06165-ZE3-020 EB5000X-SX Kit Govenor    
  11381-ZH8-801 GX140/GX160 Gasket Rear Housing    
  11381-ZE2-801 GX240/GX270 Gasket Rear Housing    
  11381-ZE3-801 GX340/GX390 Gasket Rear Housing    
  11381-ZJ1-840 GX610/GX620 Gasket Cover    
  12209-ZE8-003 GX240/GX270/GX390 Seal Valve Stem    
  12251-ZF6-W00 GX340 Gasket Head    
  12251-ZN1-821 GX620 Gasket Head    
  12357-ZJ4-830 GX620 Tube Breather    
  12358-ZJ1-000 GX610/GX620 Gasket Breather Cover    
  12372-ZE2-300 GX610/GX620 Valve Breather    
  12391-ZE2-020 GX610/GX620 Gasket Head    
  12391-ZJ1-000 GX620 Gasket Valve Cover    
  13010-ZF6-003 GX390 Ring Set Standard    
  14410-ZE3-013 GX390 Push Rod    
  14578-ZJ1-801 GX610/GX620 Pin Compression Release    
  14579-ZJ1-800 GX610/GX620 Pin Compression Release    
  14580-ZJ1-801 GX610/GX620 Pin Compression Release    
  14711-ZE3-000 GX390 Valve Intake    
  14721-ZE3-000 GX390 Valve Exhaust    
  14751-ZE2-003 GX390 Spring Valve    
  14771-ZE2-000 GX240/GX270/GX390 Retainer    
  14773-ZE2-000 GX390 Retainer    
  14781-ZE2-000 GX340/GX390 Valve Rotator    
  15400-PLM-A01PE GX610/GX620/GX670 Filter Oil    
  15411-ZN1-000 GX620/GX670 Base Oil Filter    
  15611-MB0-000 GX620/GX670 Cap    
  15614-ZN1-003 GX620/GX670 Hose Oil Cooler    
  15616-ZN1-003 GX620/GX670 Hose Oil Cooler    
  15625-ZJ1-840 GX670 Gasket Oil Filler    
  16100-ZJ1-931 GX610/GX620/GX670 Carb    
  16163-ZN1-831 GX620 Float    
  16220-ZA0-702 GX270/GX340/GX390 Spacer Carburetor    
  16221-ZA0-800 GX240/GX270/GX390 Gasket Carb    
  16221-ZF6-800 GX340/GX390 Gasket Carb    
  16221-ZG8-000 GX610/GX620 Gasket Carb    
  16221-ZN1-000 GX620/GX670 Gasket Carb    
  16223-ZE3-W00 GX340/GX390 Gasket Carb    
  16263-ZE3-790 GX610/GX620 Joint Ball Gov. Control    
  16271-ZE2-010 GX240/GX340/GX390 Gasket Elbow    
  16510-ZE3-000 GX340/GX390 Gov. Asm.    
  16531-Z0A-000 GX340/GX390 Slider Gov.    
  16541-ZE3-010 GX340/GX390 Shaft Arm Gov.    
  16561-ZN1-820 GX620/GX670 Spring Gov    
  16562-ZN2-010 GX620/GX670 Spring Gov Return    
  17151-ZJ1-003 GX610/GX620 Gasket Intake    
  17151-ZJ1-841 GX610/GX620 Gasket Manifold    
  17210-ZE3-505 GX390 Air Filter    
  17210-ZE2-515 GX240/GX270 Air Filter    
  17210-ZJ1-842 GX610/GX620 Air Filter    
  17210-ZN1-821 GX610/GX620 Air Filter    
  17216-ZJ1-000 GX610/GX620 Gasket Air Filter    
  17218-ZJ1-840 GX610/GX620 Air Filter Outer    
  17219-ZJ1-840 GX610/GX620 Clip Air Filter    
  17228-ZN1-000 GX610/GX620 Gasket Air Filter    
  17410-ZE1-020 GX160 Elbow Intake    
  18215-ZA0-820 EV4010/EV6010 Gasket B Exhaust Pipe ***    
  18216-ZA0-800 EV4010/EV6010 Gasket A Exhaust Pipe ***    
  18310-ZJ4-831 GX610/GX620 Muffler    
  18321-ZJ4-841 GX610/GX620 Protector Muffler    
  18323-ZE3-W40 GX390 Guard Manifold    
  18325-ZJ4-831 GX610/GX620 Protector Muffler    
  18333-ZF6-W01 GX240/GX270/GX340/GX390 Gasket Exhaust    
  18333-ZJ1-000 GX610/GX620 Gasket Exhaust    
  18333-ZK6-Y00 GX340/GX390/GX610 Gasket Exhaust    
  18338-ZJ4-003 Commercial Muffler Stay    
  18396-ZJ1-003 GX610/GX620 Exhaust Band Clamp    
  30500-ZJ1-843 GX610/GX620 Coil    
  30700-ZJ1-841 GX610/GX620/GX670 Cap Asm.    
  31100-ZE3-W01 GX390 Flywheel    
  31200-ZJ1-842 GX610/GX620 Starter    
  31700-124-003 GX240/GX270/GX340/GX390 Rectifier    
  31710-ZJ1-812 GX620/GX670 Rectifier    
  34150-ZJ1-841 GX610/GX620/GX670 Alert Oil    
  36120-ZB5-003 EV4010/EV6010 Switch RV    
  37240-ZG3-E01 GX610/GX620 Switch Oil Pressure 14PSI    
  37560-ZB5-731 EV4010/EV6010 Socket Lamp Red    
  37570-ZB5-731 EV4010/EV6010 Lamp Red    
  90003-ZJ1-840 GX610/GX620 Bolt 5mm Air Filter    
  90018-PN3-000 GX610/GX620 Holder Oil Filter    
  90042-ZE8-000 GX340/GX390 Carb Bolt    
  90441-ZE2-010 GX240/GX270/GX390 Washer Valve Cover    
  90446-KE1-000 GX240/GX270/GX390 Washer Gov.    
  90473-147-000 GX240/GX270/GX390 Washer    
  90601-ZE1-000 GX160/GX270 Seal Oil Drain    
  90602-ZE1-000 GX240/GX270/GX340/GX390 Clip Gov    
  91201-ZE3-004 GX340/GX390 Seal 35X 52 8    
  91201-ZE9-003 GX340/GX390 Seal Shaft Gov.    
  91201-ZJ1-841 GX610/GX620 Seal Front    
  91202-ZJ1-841 GX610/GX620 Seal    
  92800-14000 GX610/GX620 Bolt Drain Plug 14mm    
  94101-06800 GX340/GX390 Washer    
  95700-06008-00 GX390 Bolt Muffler    
  95701-08080-08   Bolt 8X80    
  98079-5547V GX620/GX670 Plug Spark    
  98079-56846-A1 GX340/GX390 Plug Spark    
  T202-ANL-620 GX620 Regulator LP    


ImagePart #Model #DescriptionUnit PriceQty
  3511-880-003 GX390 Keys Sold In Pairs    
  38240-ZE2-840 GX390 Circuit Breaker    
  31615-ZE3-003ZE GX390 Control Panel Key    
  3510-319 GX390 Nut Chrome Switch Key    
  31612-ZE2-003 GX390 Case Contol Key    
  31614-ZE2-003 GX390 Bracket Control Key    
  90380-MA6-010 GX390 Screw Control Panel    

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