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altmecc alta Generator Parts and Components

DAK Generator Services Inc. offers Mecc alte components at discounted prices.

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Updated as of 9/06/2017

  Item Description On Hand
EC00282L00 MECC PART-End Assy 26 W 12 L 4 P 3 PH SAE 5 1
EC0028VL41 MECC PART-End Assy 32 KW 12 L 4 P 3 PH 1
EC0032L0013 MECC PART-End Assy 15KW 12L 4P SAE 5 1
EC0032L13J38 MECC PART-End Assy 20 KW 18 KW 12L 2P J609 3/8" 1
EC0032LN0069J MECC PART-End Assy 18 KW 15 KW 690 V 3Ph 2P J609 5/16 235125 1
ECP32L13J14 MECC PART-End Assy 18 KW 15 KW 2P 12L J609 5/16" 1
GEHSEJ14SAE565 MECC PART-Adapter J609-SAE 5.65 235046 2
NPE31D212 MECC PART-End Assy Pan 12L 20-22 KW, 3 Ph, 2 Pole 1
NPE32B/4 MECC PART-End Assy Pan 10-11 KW, 1 PH, 4 Pole SAE Housing With 7.5 SAE Flex Drive 1
NPE32B412575 MECC PART-End Assy 11.5 -12.5 KW 4 Pole 12 L 1
NPE32D44575 MECC PART-End Assy Pan 16-17KW 12L 4P 1PH 1
NPE32E412 MECC PART-End Assy Pan 24-26KW 12L 4P 3 PH SAE 5 3
S20F20024565 MECC PART-End Assy 13.5 - 14.5 KW, 1 Ph, 2 Pole SAE 2
S20FS130 MECC PART-End Assy 10.5KW 2P 120/240v 1PH J609B Replaces 0056233 1
S20FS160 MECC PART-End Assy 12KW 2P 120/240v 1PH J609B 1
S20FS230 MECC PART-End Assy 15KW 2P 120/240v 1PH 60Hz J609B 1
T20F200 MECC PART-End Assy 15-16 KW 3 Ph 208 V 2 Pole SAE 1

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