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Eaton's Powerware Uninterruptible Power Supply

DAK Generator Services Inc. supplies a comprehensive lineup of Powerware brand products from Eaton.  Find a comprehensive product selection for all your needs including industrial applications.


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Tools to help you search and select:

  • UPS Selector - Use this tool to find the most suitable UPS for your equipment.  Allows you to configure by devices and/or load for:  Risk Diagnosis - Use this online diagnosis tool to calculate your level of risk by inputting your type of application and power environment.
    • Servers, Telecom, Storage Arrays
    • PC or Work Stations
    • Data Room
    • Large and Industrial UPS 
  • Search and Choose - several tools to help you choose product by risk assessment, product details, part # search bar, competitive cross-reference, and a downtime cost calculator.

Backup Power (UPS)

  • Network and Server UPS - Protect vital IT equipment and data with a range of UPS types: Line Interactive, Online, and Scalable Redundant that grow with your complex and expanding IT networks. Table with models, kVA range, and servers supported.

Power Distribution

Surge Suppression

  • Surge Suppressors - by Eaton include the SPD Series for the most advanced certified protection devices available and the Eaton Eclipse Series for home or office protects PC's, faxes, home theater, and other sensitive equipment.

Service Plans

  • UPS Services - Details for product service plans available, service plan options, and options.
  • Eaton UPS Batteries - Battery failure is the #1 cause of UPS load loss and system downtime. Eaton rigorously tests batteries for quality assurance offering the very best in battery reliability. Free UPS Battery Handbook availalble.
  • Remote Monitoring - 24x7 real time monitoring of your UPS and battery systems with diagnostics and field tech dispatch to expedite service response time.

Power Management

  • Software - Details for software products include UPS Supervisory, UPS Protection, UPS Connectivity, Enterprise Monitoring, and Integration software.
  • Connectivity - View complete product selection, view also by UPS compatibility, by function and/or slot type.


Power Conditioning

  • Power Conditioning - from Eaton protect against sags, surges, swells, spikes, and electrical noise.

DC Power Solutions

Legacy Products

  • Legacy products - Are no longer manufactured, but are still supported by Eaton




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